Roles and Responsibilites of Remote Learning

Student Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Establish daily routines for engaging in the learning experience
  • Identify a space in your home where you can work effectively and successfully
  • Identify a space in your home where you can participate in online learning.  During any live online learning (Zoom sessions) sit at a table and wear school appropriate dress.
  • Monitor online platforms daily (e-mail, Google Classroom, etc.)
  • Engage in all learning with academic honesty
  • Communicate proactively with your teachers if you cannot meet deadlines or require additional support.
  • Comply with SCC internet safety protocol.

Family Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Establish routines and expectations
  • Define the physical space for your child to study
  • Monitor communications from your child's teachers
  • Complete daily check-in/check-out with your child
  • Taking an active role in helping your child process his/her learning
  • Establish times for quiet and reflection
  • Encourage physical activity and/or exercise
  • Remain mindful of you child's stress or worry
  • Monitor how much time your child is spending online
  • Keep your child social, but set rules around their social media interactions