SCC Boys Basketball/Open Gym Protocol-
Posted 7.2.2020


1) Questions: call or text Clive Clark at 712-297-0160
2) Grades referred to below are grades in fall, 2020.
3) For players participating: 
      a) they need to bring their own water bottle and hand sanitizer
      b) their temperatures will be taken with a no-touch thermometer held about one inch from their forehead and if the temperature is over 100.3 F, they will be told to report the temperature to their parent/guardian and they will need to leave the school
      c) they will be questioned about breathing, coughing and association with anyone who has
          tested positive
      d) they will place their gear about 10 feet from their teammates
      e) it will be suggested that they go home afterword, shower and change clothes
      f ) balls will be sanitized before and after sessions
      g) players will social distance as much as possible in individual drills and in team concept
          walk-throughs during the first hour of practice (see #7 below) but players will be 
          permitted to play 1-on-1, 5-on-5, etc. during the next 30 minutes--if a parent or guardianprefers that their
son not participate in the final 30 minutes, please notify me and I
          will remind the player not to participate and he may shoot on the side baskets--
          there is no negative consequence for not playing
      h) shootouts will involve normal contact play--there is no negative consequence for not 
       i) Coach Clark will wear a mask in all activities (including games) when within ten feet of                others
For additional information about COVID19, go to All guidance is subject to change based on future information from the CDC and Calhoun County Public Health.
4) Players are not required to play in the activities below to be eligible to play during the school year--if the parent or player have schedule conflicts or feel unsafe due to the virus, do not participate.  However, to improve skills to make this game even more fun, practicing and playing is necessary and fun. If you want to improve but do not want to play in the activities below, go to for links to many drills that will help you.  Also, if a player and parent or another player wants to practice individually with me, contact me to set up a time or times--free (no charge).
5} There will be open gym for boys' basketball on July 2 and 3--10-11am at MS and 7-8pm at HS.  Players no longer need to text in advance to say that they are attending.
6) We are attempting to schedule two varsity shootouts and one JV shootout.  Details will be posted on the bb webpage as soon as known: . To be eligible to be selected to play in those shootouts, you must practice 3 times per week starting July 6 (see #7 below).  If you cannot attend the scheduled practices, you can contact me to arrange another practice time. 
7) Practices for boys in grades 9-12--all are followed by up to 30 minutes of optional shooting, 1-on-1 or 5-on-5: 
--July 6-10   HS 7-8PM
--July 6-9     HS 930-1030AM
--July 10      MS 930-1030AM
--July 13-17 HS 7-8PM
--July 15-17 MS 930-1030AM
--July 20-24 MS 930-1030AM and HS 7-8PM
8) Chute shooting camp on 7/13-14 for boys and girls in grades 4 through 12. See the link at the top of the page when you go to There is a $70 registration fee for this camp--see the link.  Regardless of whether attending, see the video at

9) Camp for boys in grades 7 and 8: 7/20-24--1-3pm--MS on Mon, Wed and Fri and HS on Tue and Thu. The camp is free (no charge) but please register by July 15 by going to the following link: