Community Connections

The mission of our district is to  . . . partner with our communities to provide an environment rich with opportunities that challenge every student to master skills and understandings which will transfer into a successful future.

As part of our C3 Committee's goal--to promote community involvement in our schools, we will be featuring speakers, field trips, and classroom activities that involve our local communities. Thanks to all our great community members and businesses who help support our goal ". . .providing an environment rich with opportunities . . ."

SCC Titans Compete at Iowa Central

On Wednesday, March 29, students in the Health Occupations, Business, Electricity, and Technical Math courses competed at Iowa Central for their competition day. Mrs. Otto, Mrs. Jacobs, Mr. Clark, and Mr. Lantz accompanied their respective classes.

Results of the Business Competion were as follows:

The 26th Annual ICCC Business Competition was held on Wednesday, March 29 at the ICCC campus in Fort Dodge.  Seventeen school from around the area and over 260 students participated in the event. South Central Calhoun had 7 students participate in this year's contest. Students must be a junior or senior in high school to participate and must have taken at least one business course.

Results of the Business Competition were as follows:  Internet Treasure Hunt (Lindsey Sweeney, Vanessa Squier)-first place; Economics (Ryan Brown)-first place; Computer Objectives (Austin Dumdei)-4th place; Graphic Design (Lindsey Sweeney 5th place, Vanessa Squier 4th place); Job Seeking Skills (Vanessa Squier)-5th place; Parliamentary Procedure (Ryan Brown)-2nd place; The Rule of Law ( Deianeira Grage)-2nd place; and Vocab/Spelling (Deianeira Grage )-first place.  

Technical Math Competition Results:

Cameron Holst placed third in the Tech Math exam competition and received a $100 scholarship to ICCC and a calculator.

Results of the Health Occupations were as follows:

Congratulations to all the Health Occupation students who attended the annual competition at Iowa Central Community College on March 29. The students did an amazing job at representing our school. There were 8 schools represented at the competition and 104 students who competed. The following students received awards/medals:
Quiz Whiz (22 teams competed)
1st place: Allison Birks, Sydnie Schultz, Megan Hardy & Emily Henkenius
2nd place: Brianna hicks, Michaela Eberle, Matthew Martinez
3rd place: Kody Case. Cody Schumacher, Tyler Jones, Colten Morenz
Medical Terminology: (61 students)
1st place: Brooklin McKinney
3rd place: Jonas Otto
Anatomy & Physiology: (23 students competed)
1st  place: Allison Birks
2nd place: Sydnie Schultz
Patient Care Skills: (23 students competed)
1st place: Meghan Dietrich
Internet Treasure Hunt:
1st place: Emily Henkenius & Megan Hardy
Health Essay:
2nd place: Brianna Hicks- won a stethoscope

What Will the Future Hold?

Mr. Nesbitt’s English II students are currently working on a research paper in which they investigate a potential career by interviewing people who have knowledge about the career interest.  They conduct the interviews face-to-face, over the phone, or through written correspondence via email or Facebook.  Most of the contacts are patrons within our school district communities.  Through this project students improve written and oral communication skills, begin or advance their post high school plans, and learn to budget their time in dealing with a long term assignment.  Despite the challenges of the recent sickness outbreak, the project is going well!

Fundraiser Benefits SCC Cook

On Friday, January 20, 2016, the faculty and staff at South Central Calhoun High School hosted a fundraiser.  Funds from the soup supperwent to Pam Portillo, head cook at SCC High School, for medical expenses she suffered  in a boating accident this past summer.  The staff donated food, money, and supplies to cut down on overhead.  A delicious supper of chili, chicken noodle soup, cinnamon rolls, relish, and fruit were served.  In addition, staff decorated almost 200 sugar cookies like basketballs that were sold  during the  games vs. Sioux Central that evening. Thank you to our athletic directors for moving the games to Lake City, to help accommodate the fund raiser.

The staff would like to thank everyone who attended the supper!


Go the Distance Brings Healthy Snacks to SCC

On Thursday, December 22, SCC high school students were treated to healthy snacks for all students and staff. Last May when the students walked the track for Go the Distance Day, we received $250 from Live Healthy Iowa. The goal of Live Healthy Iowa is to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation. The money we received was used to purchase itesm that will encourage students to choose healthy lifestyles. SCC chose to provide healthy snacks to all as a great way to get ready for Christmas break. The project was a joint effort of Mrs. Wozniak and the Family and Consumer Science Department and Mrs. Otto and the Health Occupations class.


Environmental Science Students Share Their Findings

On December 15th the Environmental Science class took interactive displays to the elementary building to share with them information about solid waste and recycling. The nine displays covered topics including recycling pastics, glass, steel and aluminum, as well as recycling in general. There were also displays on composting food waste, burning solid waste to generate electricity, landfills and how much waste each person generates. We would like to thank Mrs. Wuebker for sharing her class with us and Mrs. Blair for helping us coordinate it. Thank you to Mrs. McChesney for letting us come to the elementary school. Also, thank you to the high school teachers who allowed us a little extra time outside of our regular class
time so we could make the trip.
Class members: McKailey Wheeler, Cade Carstens, Nic Kraft-Daisy, Colin Mosbach, Jon Frantz, Chris Larson, Cameron Holst, Hunter Muhlbauer, Jacob Heim, Brody Goodman, Matt Toms, Chad McClintock, Cody Weiderin, Kyler Steinborn, Jered Campbell, Chase Mosbach, Tanner Fistler and
Andrew Poe.

Have Camera, Will Travel

A few weeks ago Ms. Bonnell's photography class took a half day field trip about Lake City and Lohrville. Students were able to put their knowledge about composition, lighting, angles and photographing subjects into practice while exploring local parks and areas. Armed with their digital cameras, students were given the freedom to walk around and try to find interesting subjects to photograph.


Creative Center Visits SCC

Creative CenterOn Monday October 24th, Kat Broderick from the Creative Center, College of Art and Design in Omaha NE came to visit the high school art room. Showing off an incredibly catchy and interesting presentation, Kat spoke to SCC art students about the possibility of pursuing graphic design as a career option, showed off some awesome college-aged art work and got students pumped up about art making. Through catching videos and interviews she showed students that there are millions of jobs in the art field and gave students the opportunity to ask questions and get more information. If you're interested in hearing more about this college and graphic design as a career check out their website at http://creativecenter.edu/TCC14/  

Health Occupations Students Host Blood Drive

The Health Occupations class this year consist of 13 students who are interested in pursuing a career in health care. The curriculum provides students with a knowledge and a vision into a variety of health occupations. The students will have a basic introduction to the health care delivery system, professionalism, legal and ethical responsibilities of the health care worker. The communication process is studied along with an understanding of patients’ needs and behaviors related to cultural diversity. The students job shadow weekly at Opportunity Living and SMCH. They are able to visit with numerous health care professionals and tour their clinical area. Some of the areas the students have seen so far this year are: OR & Anesthesia, Cardiac Rehab, PT, OT, ER, Nursing, OB, Radiology, and speech therapy. The students also spend time learning about alternative therapies and seeing firsthand how these therapies can help people.  The students were able to see acupuncture, massage therapy, aromatherapy and music therapy. Besides being able to see our local health facilities the students do have guest speakers come and talk about health care and the future of health care services. Glenda Gentry an insurance agent from Mid Iowa, comes every year to discuss health insurance and how it will affect the students’ lives in the future as well as their careers. The students spent a day and went to Cherokee Mental Health Institute to tour that facility and see how important the needs are for mental health treatment. A big project that the Health Occupation students do every year is sponsor a blood drive. Community service is an important factor for these students to learn and through this blood drive the students take responsibility and ownership of having a successful drive and saving people lives.
The students involved in the Health Occupation class this year are Kody Case, Sam Corey, Meghan Dietrich, Keely Hammen, Alie Hawkins, Miranda Howrey, Tyler Jones, Sarah Legore, Colten Morenz, Makayla Patterson, Drew Pochinski, Rachel Roberts & Megan Ukena.


Child Development Class Meets New Community Member

Welcome to Olivia Blair! Olivia is the daughter of Erin and Brawley Blair of Lake City. Olivia was the guest of honor in a recent Child Development class, taught by Mrs. Lisa Wozniak. Olivia's mother Erin, an Instructional Coach at SCC Elementary, shared with the class topics such as pregnancy, child birth, being a first-time mom, and raising a newborn. Olivia was born on June 16 at Stewart Memorial Hosptial in Lake City.