Football Updates from Coach Case

Morning weights for football (9-12), will begin again, starting Wednesday, July 1st.
We plan on lifting on M-W-Th mornings in 4 different groups, however... we will have 2 groups
reporting at the same time, (6-7am group and 8-9am group). Those groups will be split for different
lifting/agility/running activities. The captains will be setting up your lifting times and groups.
6-6:30am, (report at 6)
6:30-7am, (report at 6)
8-8:30am, (report at 7)
8:30-9am (report at 7)
From 7-8am...
everyone can participate in 7 on 7 or lineman drills.

Jr High players may join in a limited capacity and
only if space/numbers allow, under the covid guidelines. Please read the guidelines and make your own decisions about moving forward. Thanks!


IHSAA & IGHSAU Guidance for Return to Out of Season Contact and Strength & Conditioning

Please read the information on this link for futher COVID-19 guidelines.