The mission of the South Central Calhoun School District is to partner with our communities to provide an environment rich with opportunities that challenge every student to master skills and understandings which will transfer into a successful future.



Free School Closure Meal Service

Children age 1-18 are eligible for free meals (including breakfast and lunch).
Complete sign up each week by 9:30 am on distribution days or call 712.297.7341 or 712.464.7210

For additional meals through April 10, please sign up here.
To sign up weekly for meals through the month of April, please use these links:
April 13-17--sign up will open April 7 | April 20-24--sign up will open April 15 | April 27-30--signup will open April 22
Tentative drop off locations include Jolley, Lake City, Lanesboro, Lohrville, Lytton, Rockwell City and Yetter. Check this website for future updates.


Seasons Center Offering SCC Students School-Based Services

School Closure & Voluntary Educational Enrichment Activities Notification

COVID-19 FMLA Notice

PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION (3 yr old) (4 yr old)
Due April 17, 2020

Registration forms are due to Mrs. McChesney by 4/17 to ensure your child's spot in fall preschool classes. Forms are available on the school website. If you need them mailed to you,
contact Mrs. McChesney (712-210-5168 or
Forms can be returned via email to Mrs. McChesney or via mail to the elementary building at 330 Brower Street, Rockwell City, IA 50579.
They can also be dropped off to the high school or middle school buildings during regular business hours. Just push the buzzer, the door will open,
and you can drop the paperwork inside in order to maintain social distancing. Outside of business hours, paperwork may be deposited in the mailbox near the delivery dock
on the east side of the middle school. Again, contact Mrs. McChesney with any questions about returning forms.


COVID-19 Guidance & Information Page (IA Dept of Ed)

Recommended Elementary On-Line Resources

Notice to SCC High School Parents . . .

SCCHS high school parents are directed to please check their parent email for announcements
related to the following topics:  Scholarship Application Submission Processes, Earlybird College
Credit Class Information, Accuplacer and ALEKS Placement Assessment Information, Registration
for College Credit Courses for 2020-2021 school year information.


Classes are scheduled to resume as follows:
Grades 9-12 (April 14), Grades TK-8 (April 15), Preschool (April 16)




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